Visible in Love

“What if the only example of God’s love your neighbor will ever see is you?” ~Pastor Shawn Whitworth~ For Christians and non-Christians alike, loving a neighbor or another human being can be difficult at times. We are humans, after all, with egos, steadfast opinions, self-righteousness, fearfulness and unwarranted condemnation that allow us to flow along with inappropriate behavior toward others rather than love unconditionally. During Easter week, I am reminded that Christ died for our sins and gave us eternalRead more

One Liner Motion

“To me, if life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving.” ~Jerry Seinfeld~ I tell my chiropractor and massage therapist a version of this often. My goal is to physically keep moving. Except when I’m sleeping. Or on a Saturday morning when a cat and cup of coffee resist the urge. But still… I desire to keep moving. Moving toward new adventures. Engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Wrapping myself in emotional health. Pushing limitsRead more

Wednesday Word of Thanks

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5187, creating “National Correctional Officers’ Week.” Each year, the first full week in May is recognized as National Correctional Officers and Employees Week, commemorating the contributions of correctional employees who work in jails, prisons, and community corrections across the country. I thanked my co-workers with a white-chocolate raspberry cake (no ice cream) this morning. If you know someone – a friend, family member, neighbor, acquaintance – who works in a correctional setting, pleaseRead more

No Anger, Regrets or Grumbles, Please.

It’s an ongoing lesson –  traveling the road of life without regret or anger and without grumbles over the lack of everything we think we should have – money, love, non-dysfunctional family members, the best job in the world, a $500,000 home and a Harley in the garage. Our human nature wants to focus on ruing the day and grumbling about what’s wrong in our lives or what’s wrong with everyone else. Being a positive and content person takes determination,Read more

The 10 Minute Blog

My week is out of control. I am running out of time. I had 10 minutes to write this blog when I started. Now I have about 8 (it takes time to post pictures and apply categories and tags). Seven minutes and counting (it took me a minute to type that last sentence). Six and a half. I don’t know what happened, but it appears I will not have time to write another blog until Sunday at the earliest. TooRead more

Dirty Fingernails, Pretty Flowers

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” ~Luther Burbank~ My soul is happy. I went shopping this past weekend. It’s finally the season of getting out the flower pots, picking out the flora, and allowing dirt to imbed itself under my fingernails. Joy! Shopping for flowers is life affirming, probably because it’s done in spring, when the trees are in bud and grass has turned green. I can smellRead more

Ice, Ice Baby!

Old Man Winter is not being a very nice dude today (plus, he refuses to leave).  The old guy decided to cover the trees and bushes with ice and cause power outages throughout the area. You could hear the “snap, crackle, pop” of the trees when the wind blew. Evidently, a second round is coming – heavy snow to the northwest, freezing rain to the south, winter weather advisory (a mix of everything) here.  I’m wondering how we can getRead more


Yes, the weather here is still crappy.  I haven’t been whining for nothing. Yes, I am a Princess.  I know . . . you’re shocked! If you need more proof of bad weather or royalty, let me know. It’s supposed to snow tommorrow and I have a tiara. I can take more pictures.Read more

Warmth Appreciation Day

It is not warm here. The sky is gray. The damp rain leaves little drizzle spots on the windshields of passing cars. The temperature keeps falling. Beginning tomorrow, wind, cold and snow are the nouns of the week.  I have a chill that won’t go away. I’m running out of patience with spring. It’s time for a dose of reverse psychology. It’s all I have left in my bag. Hello Warmth! Thank you for welcoming me in. I appreciate theRead more

Silly Stupid Saturday

Saturday has become a bit of a Dr. Who episode.  I have traveled back in time to December. I woke up to a fresh coat of overnight snow this morning. I am baking my lemon curd cookies, something that is reserved for the holidays. I had the urge to plug in the lights on my unadorned Christmas tree, which stands in a corner of my second bedroom. Just because. Silent Night came up on my media player, by chance. If IRead more