The 10 Minute Blog


My week is out of control. I am running out of time.

I had 10 minutes to write this blog when I started. Now I have about 8 (it takes time to post pictures and apply categories and tags).

Seven minutes and counting (it took me a minute to type that last sentence).

Six and a half.

I don’t know what happened, but it appears I will not have time to write another blog until Sunday at the earliest.

Too much to do.

Six minutes left (that includes the time I have to put on my shoes before I head out the door).

I won’t have time to check my grammar or spellling.

Oh well.

Tonight I am on the run, putting in a couple of volunteer hours.

Tommorrow is employee recognition day at work. I’m on the planning committee. It’s a fun day, but I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Five minutes (type faster!)

Thursday night is laundry and packing my bag for Friday night.

More work on Friday, then head out of town to pick up a friend and see a play at a university about three hours away. Fun!


No, make that two (I need to practice my typing skills)

Shopping and visiting with an old friend on Saturday before driving home.

Church and taking mom out for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

One minute! 59, 58, 57, 56 . . . .

And then Mary rests.

After she goes grocery shopping, plays with the cats and goes swimming.

More blogging next week. Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend . . .

Blast off!

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