Warmth Appreciation Day

Melange Warmth

It is not warm here. The sky is gray. The damp rain leaves little drizzle spots on the windshields of passing cars. The temperature keeps falling. Beginning tomorrow, wind, cold and snow are the nouns of the week.  I have a chill that won’t go away. I’m running out of patience with spring. It’s time for a dose of reverse psychology. It’s all I have left in my bag.

Hello Warmth!

Thank you for welcoming me in.

I appreciate the invitation.

Thank you, warmth, for your breath that exudes from the heating ducts of my apartment.

I appreciate the effort.

Thank you, warmth, for filling my oven with your presence.

I appreciate the crispy fries and chewy, gooey cookies that result from spending time with you.

Thank you, warmth, for the water that comes from the shower in the morning.

I appreciate the warmth so much that I overstay my welcome.

Thank you, warmth, for the satisfying first sip of the rich, caramel coffee.

I appreciate the steamy balminess that rises from my cup.

Thank you, warmth, for enveloping a feline’s curled and purr-stricken body with your grace.

The soothing calmness you emit as kitty snuggles up against me in bed is truly appreciated.

Thank you, warmth, for intertwining yourself into my sweaters.

I appreciate you fending off the cold.

Thank you, warmth, for blazing away in the fireplace.

I appreciate your dances with flames.

Thank you, warmth, for the intensity of your spirit in the rays of sunshine.

I appreciate how much it soothes my soul.

Thank you, warmth, for the gift of toasty hands.

I appreciate how you wrap yourself around my fingers.

Thank you, warmth, for making it OK to go outside on a cold winter’s day.

I appreciate the hot flashes.

Thank you, warmth, for swirling around in my cabernet.

I appreciate your silkiness as it goes down my throat and you raise the temperature in my chest.

Thank you, warmth, for embracing hot towels out of the dryer.

My kitties appreciate that one.

Thank you, warmth, for including yourself in the pool.

I appreciate this as I swim my laps.

Thank you, warmth, for laying down on the heating pad.

My muscles appreciatively sing your praises.

Thank you, warmth, for being involved in the summer season.

You get appreciation rock horns for summer.

Thank you, warmth, for passionately including yourself in my time with family, friends and loved ones.

I feel something much bigger than appreciation for this one.  Double rock horns, my friend.

I could continue on and on, my dear warmth.  You come to me in so many ways – from the breeze of a hair dryer to the breeze of an 80-degree day on a white sand beach.  I love and appreciate you in so many ways.  I have tried to count them, but your hot toddy ways are endless.

Thank you, warmth. Thank you for everything.  I hope to see more of you very soon.

4 responses to Warmth Appreciation Day

  1. Nessy San says:

    Toasty is good, just not burnt so be sure to have sunblock lotion with you 😛 I enjoyed this entry too!

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