Did you know that the meaning of melange is “hodgepodge” or “assortment?” I named my blog Mary J. Melange because I planned on writing a variety of content rather than singularly about cats or bicycles or poetry.

It is today that I’m sharing a chaotic hodgepodge of stuff would have been called mish-mash were it not for Dan’s recent post at No Facilities. Great minds think alike, but I may have to outdo his assortment. Just because I can.

I am a klutz. This past week, I dropped a glass cup filled with baking soda on the counter and floor of the kitchen. And on the anti-fatigue mat. And in the corner where it’s more difficult to sweep up. Two days later, I did the exact same thing with a bag of loose leaf tea. Same spot on the counter, on the floor, on the mat, in the corner. I have no idea why I lost control of the baking soda or tea other than I was probably moving too fast or not paying attention.

As if that wasn’t klutzy enough, on the day in between, I tripped over the corner end of the bed comforter and landed hard on my right knee as the tower fan was also trying to kill me. That corner end of the comforter has been trying to “get me” for years. I’ve tripped over it before, but never in such splendid fashion and never did I end up on the floor. I’m okay, nothing broken or strained, only a couple of tender, bruised spots. The comforter is under house arrest for battery and I may be decapitating the corners for my own well-being.

It’s a good thing I will recover and my right leg works. I am leaving early Friday with my biking/beer buddy to have one last hurrah on a new trail (Inter-Urban) that we discovered while biking in Milwaukee. We also found a new microbrewery and lager cave to check out when we’re done putting on the miles. The weather forecast for the three days we are biking is sunny and highs around 80F. Perfect.

Once I’m back from this trip, I’ll have two weeks to get my act together before I fly out to visit the brother in Colorado. I haven’t seen him or his girlfriend in two years and a lot has happened since that time. They moved this year from Virginia to Colorado and brother joined his sister in retirement. One of my goals while I’m out there is to rent a bicycle for a day and share a ride with Mr. Speed Racer (he’ll have to slow down for Grandma Bunny) on a local trail without too many hills. Of course, there will be beautiful surroundings and the three of us will have to check out the local cuisine and microbrews…and I’m not talking Coors. Upon returning home, I’ll be self-quarantining as this is my first travel experience on a plane since the pandemic. I feel it will be safe for friends if I don’t breathe on them for a week to ten days.

I’ve been holding my tongue here and on Facebook over the recent events in Texas. I think a certain Governor there has lost his mind or is an evil overlord that Superman is unable to vanquish. I don’t know how you can A) suppress voter rights and B) not allow others to keep children safe at school, and be able to sleep at night. I shake my head, not understanding, and then chuckle over a friend’s recent Facebook post that shows a book entitled, “What the F*** is Wrong With Everyone?” I would buy that book if it contained any answers.

Except for one day last week, the weather has cooled off around here. It has created an urge to bake and cook. In the last 10 days, I’ve made chicken bolognese sauce, chicken noodle soup, chicken curry waldorf salad, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and oatmeal/peanut butter/banana cups. The latter was made to hold yogurt and fruit, but yesterday I bought coconut milk ice cream to fill those cups and this is why I’ve recently gained weight. I lost 10 pounds during the stay-at-home times of the pandemic, but now that I’m vaccinated and getting out in the world more, I’m also eating more. I think after vacation, it will be time to self-motivate and not buy ice cream or chai lattes.

Gibbs the cat is doing fine. As always, he eats, sleeps, poops and cries when he wants. It’s funny how he can be quiet all day, but when the neighbor stops over and we get to talking, he comes out of the bedroom and gets to talking too. He has my neighbor friends trained as they all go, “Awww, poor Gibbs” and then walk over to pet him. Spoiled rotten brat he is, but so damn lovable.

One more thing: Over the months of the pandemic and while I’m home at night, I’ve been watching more TV than I should – Star Trek, Vikings, The Last Kingdom, all things Marvel, all things DC Comics, Outlander, Discovery of Witches, Mare of Eastown, Sweet Tooth, The Nevers, an occasional movie, and the regular network TV shows that I like. I have too many streaming services and too many choices. It’s crazy and also difficult to keep track of the characters, what they’re doing, when the next season will air, etc. I need a whiteboard or a brain with better memory function.

So that’s it. This is my Melange-O-Rama. I didn’t mention the usual stuff – doctor and dentist appointments, massage appointments, volunteer stuff, church stuff, lunch with friends, and how time seems to fly by faster than you can yell “Bunny!” It seems retirement can be just as busy as working 40 hours and now I wonder how I found the time to do the work life and social life and taking care of myself life. I see it in my biking/beer buddy – the stress I used to have from having too much on the agenda and too little time to carry it out, and all I can do is count my blessings and pray for her, that one day she’ll find the word “busy” in a relaxed way is not too shabby.

I only hope she doesn’t trip over her comforter in the meantime.

21 responses to Melange-O-Rama

  1. Yep, the comforter needs a trim and a hem – new design by Mary. We use to trip over the skirt, so one day I just pitched it. I do miss the look of it but definitely not the tripping. πŸ™‚ Hope you have a wonderful visit in Colorado without too many travel challenges. I watched Mare of Eastown and only wished there were more episodes. It was well written, gritty, and great acting.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I used to have a bedskirt too, but it annoyed me because it also made me try to trip and it would never stay in place. Messing with my OCD in not being a perfect skirt is almost as bad as the killer comforter.

      I will absolutely have a good time in CO. I was there many years ago and it is a beautiful place. The scenery alone is worth the trip.

      I’m not sure if/when Mare will be back with a second season, but I hope there is one. It really was a good show.

  2. Dan Antion says:

    You outdid me in fine miss-mash fashion, Mary. Of course, I stayed on my feet the entire post, so that helped. When you said, in an earlier post that you were gong to visit your brother, I assumed DC – Colorado is better. I like that you find new breweries to pair with new bike trails. I look forward to pictures from he trail and reviews from the bars. I stay away from most hot-button issues because I like the G-rating my blog has, and the words I would use would cost me that.

    You have established a rich full life in retirement. I’m happy for you. I, too, wonder how I did any of this, let alone most of this while I was working. As far as I know, I was getting my work done.

    Have.a great rest of the week.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I had hoped to get in one final trip to D.C. before they moved, but the pandemic took care of it. That’s okay because Colorado is a new adventure with new sensory experiences.

      I love your G-rated blog, Dan. Keep the hot-button adult words between family and friends and the guy who agrees at the bar when no one else is listening.

      Thankfully, I don’t have much on today’s agenda. Might go for a walk in between getting ready for Friday. Have an awesome rest of the week.

      • Dan Antion says:

        I’m hoping to properly install the dust collection system I bought for my shop. I was going to do that yesterday, but a plumbing project popped up over the weekend. Have a nice day, give those bumps and bruises a chance to heal. And please, give some attention to poor Gibbs πŸ˜‰

  3. quiall says:

    Don’t you just hate it when inanimate objects rise up in revolt! What the hell do they have to be annoyed about? Fluffed and washed and ignored in the appropriate order. Ha ha ha ha. I love a little melange in my morning. Keep up the good work.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks Pam! My comforter keeps me nice and warm in the winter, but I guess during the heat of summer I did fold it back and ignore. Perhaps I need to have a talk with it today and tell it how great it is so I can safely walk around the bed without fear of attack.

  4. Wishing you a fabulous time on the trail and in Colorado Mary and having that talk with your comforter sounds like a great idea too! πŸ’›

  5. henhouselady says:

    I’m glad you survived your trip over the comforter. It sounds like an adventure I would take. Have fun on your trip. I enjoyed your post.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thank you, Molly! I’m going to try hard to avoid trips other than the traveling, pleasurable kind. 😏

  6. Joanne Sisco says:

    It sounds like you’ve been using your time well! Retirement is agreeing with you … except for the clumsy moments which unfortunately seem to only increase in frequency over time. Yesterday I sneezed, dropped Theo’s food dish (full) in the process, narrowly missing Theo’s head, and of course all the contents emptied on the floor.

    Theo took it all in stride and calmly started to eat off the floor. I might have used an expletive or two 😏

    • bikerchick57 says:

      LOL, I’ve also managed to dump kibble on the floor…on occasion…along with those expletives. I’m glad Theo was uninjured and unimpressed by your awkward non-balancing moment, but I suppose it was because whether in a dish or on the floor, kibble is kibble to him. Carry on…

  7. rugby843 says:

    Loved this post and I hope you have a safe journey to CO! Maybe the author of the book does have answers but I doubt it. It’s like a dystopian plot coming to life!

    Sent from my iPhone


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