#SoCS: Mini Mouse

Gibbs the cat here! I’ll be taking over for the human today. She didn’t quite know what to do with the SoCS prompt of mini/maxi and I understand. I was scratching my ears too until I spied the mini mouse (one of many) at the foot of the cat tree.

Mini mouse and her brothers and sisters are some of my favorite toys. The little things bat around easily and never squeak, not even when they’re in the clutches of sharp canines or hitting hard against the wall. They move quickly and I have to be quick to catch them in mid air or when they try to scoot across the bed or hide under the covers.

Human mom often joins in on the fun, viciously throwing them across the room, encouraging me to pounce and “get that mouse!” While I enjoy the interaction, I often wonder why there is no reward in the form of treats when the mouse has stopped moving and I declare it dead. “Good Gibbers!” isn’t always enough, if you know what I mean.

I also have mini mice that are hard and make a nice clunking sound against the wall at 2:00 am. The human mumbles “sonofabucket,” gets out of bed and stumbles around until she finds the mouse. It’s a fun game we play, except the human has now hidden these mice and I’ve yet to find them. I may have missed them in the “tin of many toys” that is at my beck and call. I don’t play with all of them and human mom says I should donate some to the Island of Misfit Cat Toys, wherever that is in the world.

Yup, the mini mice are fun, but not as much fun as the catnip banana. I get maximum enjoyment out of that one, but I still don’t know what a banana is or what it tastes like. Does it taste like chicken or tuna?

My other fun toy is a pole that human mom hangs onto and dangles crinkly stuff from a string. I love crinkly stuff between my teeth. Anything crinkly. Except I have to watch myself because I’ve chewed on crinkly things that made mom really mad. Don’t ask me what, I can only say she was mad, mad, mad.

Well, I think that’s it for today. I ate some kibble before I started this and now it’s time for a catnap. Writing a blog post is hard work for a cat. My paws keep typing the wrong letters because I’m not the best at spelling. Mom helps me spell and edit, but she said I was helpful with content and it allowed her to watch TV while I slaved away.

*yawn* I’ll get up in a couple of hours and find a mouse or something to play with, or maybe I’ll yowl a little louder than normal. It’s been quiet since Ziva left us, so I try to make up for that once in a while with my own vocal offerings.

Have a purrfect Caturday everyone! Eat, sleep, play, annoy a human and enjoy!

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Just go with the flow.

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28 responses to #SoCS: Mini Mouse

  1. Dan Antion says:

    How nice of Gibbs to fill in for you, Mary. I think he should get a treat. The idea of a banana that tastes like chicken still has me laughing. Good job Gibbs!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Gibbs will get a treat later, after the morning nap. He deserves it for being so entertaining and for being…well…Gibbs. Good boy!

  2. Maggie says:

    Love this! Maybe Gibbs could help you with some of your other blog posts. You know, as a ghost blogger.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      We’re currently in negotiations for future posts, but Gibbs is holding out for more treats than I can afford. Stay tuned!

  3. John Hric says:

    ah chunking mini mice and not so mini cats. some days it is good not to be a cat person. even if the stories are better to read… sonofabucket..

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Sonofabucket was the PG version of what I really mumbled to myself! Gibbs can be such a pain, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything because he’s also a very gentle and sweet cat.

      • John Hric says:

        And here I thought you were refined, restrained and poetic. Then again cats will do that to one. And I do somehow prefer the poetic reply… inspiring…

  4. lois says:

    Happy Caturday, Gibbs! Playing with your toys at 2 am? Sounds like you have everything under control. Purr-fect!–Parker, Piper and Pumpkin

  5. murisopsis says:

    Gibbs is certainly a keen observer of human behavior. I believe in intermittent rewards… and lots of praise. Maybe that catnip banana will make him forget the treats and sweeten the guest writer deal?

  6. marianallen says:

    Gibbs sounds like a good boy, keeping the house safe from mice, making sure you don’t oversleep, and making enough noise for two cats. What would we do without them? HUGS

  7. JoAnna says:

    I always enjoy your cat perspectives. I’m going to look for some of those mini mice. It looks like it’s made of natural fibers. Mama Cat has finally started going after her fuzzy/crinkly ball that dangles from a pole, but I worry she’s going to tear it up and ingest some of it. So far, it’s pretty tough, though.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks JoAnna. Gibbs really loves those little mice. Since Mama Cat is a hunter, I bet she’d enjoy tossing something similar around your house.

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