#SoCS: Mini Mouse

Gibbs the cat here! I’ll be taking over for the human today. She didn’t quite know what to do with the SoCS prompt of mini/maxi and I understand. I was scratching my ears too until I spied the mini mouse (one of many) at the foot of the cat tree. Mini mouse and her brothers and sisters are some of my favorite toys. The little things bat around easily and never squeak, not even when they’re in the clutches ofRead more

The Crinkle and the Nip

I ran into Walgreen’s to buy dish gloves. On the end of the aisle, my eyes were drawn┬áto a long, brown, furry toy that crinkled and squeaked. It was a dog toy and it was perfect… for a cat. Natasha discovered some time ago that Gibbs loves the crinkly plastic that packagers use around jars and boxes and whatever product it helps seal. He comes running when he hears the noise, much┬álike Pavlov’s Dog salivating at the sound of aRead more