Eye Spy: The Start of an Annual Tradition

This day, if you were a fly on the wall or a CIA spy, you might know that I began an annual tradition around 9:00 am CST.

At this moment, the blogging community can see it with their own two eyes.


I don’t remember the exact year it started (at least eight years ago) – I take a few days off work and bake cookies to give as Christmas presents to family and friends. This year, there will be a seven-variety assortment of the sweet, sugary treat. Date bars, lemon curd and pecan pie cookies, chocolate crinkles, two varieties of gingerbread (one with eggnog frosting), and the always welcomed peanut butter/oatmeal/chocolate chunk rounds of goodness.

This year, I started with Lemon Burst Cake Mix Cookies. They are easy and delicious, especially with a hot cup of java.

After this break of a blog post, the chocolate crinkles will find their way to a baking sheet.

Stay tuned, you may spy additional efforts at this tradition in the coming days.

Sorry, I don’t ship overnight…

10 responses to Eye Spy: The Start of an Annual Tradition

  1. Ally Bean says:

    What an interesting cookie recipe! I’m going to give them a try, if not for Christmas then as a treat in January. Thanks.

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