Input Requested

Soft kitties, warm kitties, little balls of fur…

I know, that’s not very original for One-Liner Wednesday.

But I’ve run out of time and imagination for this week’s post.

I’m asking for input from two-legged readers and non-furry followers.

I think Ziva is trying to tell Gibbs something.

And it appears Gibbs may have a response.

There are one-liners in this photo and it’s up to you to leave them in the comments.

In the comments, people!



Thank you!

This post has been brought to you by the balls of fur and Linda Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday. If you are wondering what One-Liner Wednesday is all about, CLICK HERE.

Linda G. Hill is the Queen of One-Liners and rules over her kingdom of followers. Check out today’s post and commit yourself to join the Queen’s one-liner army because there’s no fighting or blood, only comradery and fun with words.

22 responses to Input Requested

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Ziva: “Let it go Gibbs. I know it wasn’t long enough but she’ll brush you again later.”

    Gibbs: “Be quiet. That woman owes me!”

    • bikerchick57 says:

      He had quite the attitude with her the other night. So amid the hissing, she was telling HIM to back off. 🀨😏

  2. Shelley says:

    Ziva – Psst…did you hear the hooman getting breakfast ready for us? Gibbs: Nah, that was just your imagination, just go back to sleep…!

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