Yep, I did.

Misc 007

I went for a walk in the mall today

For I shall not scream disgust when I weigh

I walked through food court and down the first wing

Past closed stores of clothing and bright, shiny things

I had a partner in tow

Natasha, friend not foe

Her daughter came too

(I wanted to rhyme this with loo)

Behold the muse is ahead

The T-shirt that has been in my head

Every time we walk in the mall

I see this pronouncement, this call

Someone believes it much fun

To celebrate beyond the #1

To glorify a daily poop

Well, big whoop

I do it all the time

I see no need for a sign

On my chest, no less

What a silly way to dress

I sent the photo to my brother

As a joke and a bother

He said, “Awesome, I need an extra large!”

Um, OK, I’ll see what they charge

A late birthday present, I suppose

A shirt the color of a rose

And so, I continued on my merry way

With Natasha, daughter and the beginning of Saturday

Two times around the the mall we went

Passing a cane with an elderly gent

Until it was time to go

No, not that, I meant go

Out to the cars and down the street

For breakfast and coffee we would meet

So, yep I did, in case you ask

I completed a very natural task

I tell you, it is totally true

This day…I took a long and hard…

Walk in the mall

And I ate pancakes

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