The Stream of Whatever

One thousand, five hundred and sixty-five. That’s how many blog-related emails were waiting in Outlook on May 5th. The Fourth could no longer be with me or help. I deleted them all. Yes, I did that. There’s no way I could attend to one thousand, five hundred and sixty-five emails. Sorry blogger buddies, don’t take this personally. I’ve been gone Monday through Thursday the last two weeks. The weekends have flown by. I’ve been packing, unpacking, doing laundry, re-packing, eatingRead more

Name of the Game

Hanging on the office wall, reflections and all… For this week’s photo challenge of NAME, I chose to take this photo as “my team” prepares for an NFL play-off game at home, on Sunday. Readers and followers of MJM know that I am a life-long Green Bay Packer fan and generally love the sport of football, both pro and college. I attended games annually (once a year with the girls) at Lambeau Field for a good chunk of Brett Favre’sRead more


Today marks Octoberfest in downtown Appleton, WI. Yes there are ^this^ many peeps on College Avenue from about 10 am to 6 pm. There are several stages of live music, arts and crafts, an inordinate amount of food vendors and BEER. What is Octoberfest without BEER? The sky is blue today and highs are expected at 77 degrees. Perfect! Natasha and I will be among the throngs of peeps. A report may or may not come later, depending on theRead more

Street Life: Spring in the Flats

“The Flats” is a well-known area of Appleton, WI. Formerly the home of paper mills and an industrial area, it now boasts apartments, eateries and a walking trail in a flat area along the banks of the Fox River. With camera in hand, I went for a drive and a walk in search of street life.  You won’t see many vehicles or people in the photos, but I can tell you that both were out in full force on aRead more