Heavenly Music

A recent Facebook post by a friend: “What if, when you get to heaven, you don’t like the music?”

My answer: “I think Jesus might like a little Journey and ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.”

Or perhaps “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum would be more to his liking.

Here’s hoping I get to heaven because I fear hell plays heavy-metal, head-banging music, 24/7.

Very loudly.

Readers, have a wonderful Wednesday and let me know in the comments what song you’d like to hear in the afterlife and/or which song needs to stay off the playlist.

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30 responses to Heavenly Music

  1. quiall says:

    Something I never thought of! I could not stand an eternity of heavy-metal. That truly would be Hell. I think a little light jazz, a little country, a little old rock ‘n’ roll. Heaven will be nice.

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I’d like to hear Bach’s Sleepers Awake or Amazing Grace. I’m a traditionalist, I guess. Good question.

  3. Well, I like your radio playlist. However, the idea of going from cloud to cloud for different genres of music is what I like best…more than the music offered! HA!

  4. murisopsis says:

    I’d love some classical string quartet pieces or even orchestral music of almost anything. What would be awful would be any Rap or Country…

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I agree with no rap. I can handle some country, a few artists and select songs, but not all the time. I’ll probably be hanging out on the classic rock cloud.

  5. Dan Antion says:

    If I make it to Heaven, I’ll take whatever Jesus has on the list. After all, I sat in the bar for over an hour while every other song was a disco hit. I’m reasonably sure that’s what they’re playing in hell.

  6. As long as it’s not sentimental stuff that makes me cry all the time, I’d be happy with classical, smooth jazz, and rock n roll. Just leave the heavy metal over behind that rock.

  7. marianallen says:

    I like all kinds of music, so I can wear earbuds and have hell music piped directly to me when I’m in the mood. If hell music is off the table, I’ll go with classical and jazz both cool and hot.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      There’s no harm in enjoying an assortment of musical genres, Marian, even if it’s loud. That’s why God helped someone invent earbuds.😏

  8. JoAnna says:

    I’d like birds and whales as the vocalists. Maybe a wolf howling late at night.. Babbling brooks, wind in the trees, rain on the roof of my cabin where dogs sleep by the fireplace and cats curled up on the bed. Of course there are concerts in the village down the road. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

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