Bonus Points

n. “An additional point in a game, a sporting competition, or any similar scheme in which points can be awarded.” Have you ever thought about the ways in which humans reap bonus points in our daily existence? Here are a few examples: Playing Yahtzee. If you roll a second Yahtzee in a game, and you scored your first Yahtzee in the Yahtzee box, you would score a further bonus 100 points in the Yahtzee box. (Got that?) Placing the letters s-q-u-e-e-z-e across a tripleRead more

Upright Victory

Victory!  Forget the sad times. This week’s photo challenge is all about revelling in a win. There are days when the victory comes in breathing, in being alive, having the opportunity to stand under a hot shower on a cold autumn day, or allowing the first steaming cup of vanilla caramel coffee to warm the innards. The victory intensifies when a typical Friday the 13th conjures a laugh and the knowledge that the black-cat day doesn’t last forever. Victory is inRead more

He Didn’t Win

  Natasha declared Wednesday night that if no one returns to the bridge, he has won. If you read my very last post, you know that our community suffered a tragedy this past Sunday evening when a lone gunman shot and killed two adult men and an 11 year old girl on the Trestle Trail bridge, not far from where I work. The community has since come together with love and support of the victims and their families in many heartfeltRead more

Scraping Up an Early Bird Sunrise

As an early riser – 5:20 am – Monday through Friday, I often get the early bird special of a beautiful sunrise. This particular morning, on April 1st, it was a little chilly and I chose to take a photo from the other side of a car window that wasn’t completely cleared of the frost. The very next morning, April 2nd, I was greeted by another colorful sunrise, this time accented with the onslaught of puffy gray clouds. Since then, the daysRead more

Why Didn’t They Win?

I went for a walk in the snow, to clear the mind and throw out the recycling. I said goodbye to football and hello to another winter’s week. Why didn’t they win the game? I went for a walk in the snow, the sound of distant cars muffled by a hat of green and gold, the wet flakes moistening flesh and fabric. What am I doing out here? I went for a walk in the snow, the pavement a swirlRead more