Lady & the Cat

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition Lady of Spain, ring your bell Jim Shore cat, curl your tail Odd plate mates you are One comes from a foreign land, the other from an Amazon box They are of different colors, their purpose never the same Mardi Gras beads winding around, trying to unite the two Lady of Spain wants to ring Black cat wants to hang Want more juxtaposition? Click here.Read more

Thirteen Plus Two

Weekly Photo Challenge: Share a photo of “Family.” This is mom’s family. Thirteen children. Led and loved by two German immigrants. Mom often refers to her mother as “a saint” for cooking, cleaning and raising thirteen children, and for taking care of her husband. When mom talks about her father, she speaks of his work ethic and the wine he made in the basement. Mom also reflects on the garden that helped feed this brood and the brother that wasRead more