The Universe of Big Glasses

You do not have the right to access data in this universe. This is a message I received when trying to access report information in a web-based program at work. Hmmm…I wonder what they mean by “in this universe”? Is there an alternate universe? Do I need to go there to run a report? Will I understand the alien data in the alternate universe? Do I require the assistance of a tardis or warp drive or an IT guru? HowRead more

Allez Cuisine!

It started innocently in late September, 2011, when three friends decided to get together for an evening of good eats, good drinks, good laughs and friendship. It was my birthday weekend and the celebration became the catalyst for future Iron Chef weekends. We didn’t call ourselves Iron Chefs that weekend (for fear of Morimoto’s wrath) and I merely played sous chef and kitchen tool finder for the girlfriends. After watching an early movie at the local theatre, Chef Kelly broughtRead more