Raindrops on Roses…

Today is not an especially good day, considering the head cold and subsequent stomach bug that began their visit on Tuesday. I’m feeling better, but not 100%. I’d rather be at work, getting the job done, enjoying a lunchtime walk on a sunny 78 degree day. Instead, while lounging in my pajamas, I have the ability to share what is a special day through a kaleidoscope of photos. I cannot choose one day in particular for this challenge, so I present a gallery ofRead more

The Doors

WP Photo Challenge: “Ready to walk on through? This week, share an image of a door.” The captions tell the short story. To friends in the U.S. and those who celebrate, Happy Independence weekend. Have a wonderful 4th of July!Read more

Depth Re-do Times 3

Photo Challenge: Whether visually or emotionally, this week let’s dig (or dive) deep. Photo Re-do #1: The depth of a tunnel from summer’s past. Photo Re-do #2: The depth of cat’s being from Christmas 2014. Photo Re-do #3: The depth of a purple haze and hair spray from a scary Halloween.Read more

Trails, Tunnels, No Bears…Oh My!

Natasha and I had a blast! An absolute blast! Monday and Tuesday of this week, we explored the Elroy, WI, area with an SUV and our bicycles. The trees were beginning to change colors and we saw glorious hints of red, yellow and gold. We breathed in the fall odor of crushed leaves and purchased chocolate from an Amish bakery. The tires of the two-wheeled vehicle met gravel and fallen twigs and discovered the dark, dank interior of former trainRead more