Smiling Mom

Mom can be as grumpy as an alley cat and mad as a wet hen, because the food at assisted living still “SUCKS!” But when I ask her to smile for the camera, she does. This day, mom was a bit mad when I visited. The caregivers wouldn’t give her ice cream after lunch. She complained that lunch, the food, was awful. So, being the good spy daughter, I went to the kitchen area to investigate. When I asked caregiver “Sara” aboutRead more

My Love is Not my Love

“This week, consider the unreliable narrator — a classic storytelling device — in your own work, no matter your genre.” She is there. I see her. She was in my dreams and now we stand face to face. And I think, “My love is not my love. She will serve me well.”   I win her over with a smile, with many compliments. Her co-dependency willingly accepts. And I think, “My love is not my love. She will serve my physicalRead more


Frank opened his wings, looked skyward, and flew above the milkweeds. Transformed from larva into the beauty of a Monarch, he had returned to the home of his youth. Freedom glistened on orange, white and black as Frank sensed a trip of epic proportions was about to commence.  The filaments on his head twittered and in an instant, Frank was headed to Mexico. The story begins innocently, an empty lot filled with milkweed. Years ago, a mother and her youngRead more

BikerChick Stories: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Portions of this post were taken from a story I wrote on a blog within a music artist’s fan page back in 2009…when I was married and still in possession of a Harley-Davidson trike. I’ve updated it to the present tense, but the people, places and events remain the same.  In my former life as a biker chick, March was a difficult month for me. It signaled the beginning of spring, but March was also on the downhill slope towardRead more

Return of Appreciation

When I started blogging – first on Blogger, then on WordPress – my intention was to find an outlet for the strange, swirling thoughts in my head. If you have read my “About” page, you know that I am not a professional writer and have no expectations of greatness (other than in my dreams).  I HAVE found an outlet and am having great fun on WordPress (“great fun” translates into “annoying others”) with posts about cat shenanigans, exercise challenges, parentalRead more

I Remember . . . The House

Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember Set a countdown timer for 10 minutes, choose one of the writing prompts below, and just start writing. Whatever you do, don’t stop for ten minutes. Keep your fingers typing. Write what you remember. It need not be accurate — it’s your memory. Do not judge. You got this.  Your earliest memory. Capture every detail. Write for 10 minutes. Go. It was an older, two-story house on a prominent corner. She was three or four. She could see the neonRead more


Mom turns 94 on August 6th. She is the last surviving child from a family of 13. She has not seen her mother and father for a very long time. She has outlived her husband. In her 94 years, mom lived through the Great Depression and Prohibition. She traveled to Cuba and became best friends with one of her sisters. She met and married my father. She worked as a bookkeeper and a domestic engineer. In her 94 years, MomRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

As I pulled out of the garage early this morning, and gently applied the breaks, I heard what sounded like a marble rollling around on the roof of my vehicle. What the heck? The vehicle went into park. I placed my foot on the driver’s side floor and hoisted myself up to see what was causing the noise. What the heck? There was the screw. Laying on the roof. I had to stop and think about how this screw gotRead more

A Talkative Day in the Neighborhood

As I type this next post, I am equally tired and irritated. I have neighbors who like to talk. I live in an apartment complex and I have found from past and present experiences, some humans do not understand the term “voices carry”. It is especially unrecognizable to them during hours of darkness, when vampires roam the earth and most day-shift people sleep. The neighbors in the building across from mine are oblivious to the sounds emanating from their lipsRead more

Biker Chick Stories: An Introduction

In the time I have been posting on WordPress, about five months, I have not hit upon my former biker chick life. It was a life I led for 15 years, gathering fond memories of learning how to sit properly on the back seat, how to drive my own bike, how to embrace the biker ways and simply enjoy the ride. It is a life that I would still be leading had circumstances been different. I have the leather jacket,Read more

Give Blood, Receive Rock Horns

I am giving Bill rock horns, two thumbs up and a fist pump. (Click on the link since I haven’t figure out yet how to imbed video.) MAN GIVES 100th DONATION 100 gallons of platelets…after giving 16 gallons of whole blood…a lifetime of giving. Unbelievably awesome. My co-worker and I were talking about platelet donation earlier this week. We both donate whole blood on a regular basis, but tend to give platelets very seldom. It’s a matter of finding theRead more

Mosquitos, Face Plants and Fish Hooks

Camping and fishing have their pitfalls. Serious pitfalls. The snares started when four women departed their vehicles on a Saturday evening to check out and choose a spot to park the camper and a couple of tents. Within an instant, a swarm of mosquitos descended, determined to suck the blood of every human in their path. The little flying demons did not care that the women were on an adventure of relaxation and respite – they were on a missionRead more