A Seriously Skewed Collision

Do you ever notice how many different versions of you exist? We slip in and out of our different personas without even noticing. Yes, we do, and today I was a bit skewed during a noon walk. I could not help myself. Pointing the phone camera at an angle took the edge off the serious, obsessive/compulsive employee that dwelled in the corner office on Monday. That version of me – the person who works with spreadsheets, reports and various computer programs all dayRead more

The First Read-Through

I told the small group of men that if anything goes wrong, it’s Natasha’s fault. She dragged me into this. Thursday evening was the first read-through of the murder mystery/dinner theatre/bachelorette party/improv madness into which I’ve been thrown. Well, I guess I did say, “Okay, I’ll do it,” without too much of a twisting arm. It was Natasha’s encouraging words (“You’ll have fun! You’re funny! You have good comedic timing! You can do it!”) that inspired me to drag both feet outRead more