My Next Cat

“If cats could talk, they wouldn’t.” ~Nan Porter~ Oh yeah? My next cat is going to be mute, I swear So that he is unable to voice despair My next cat will not utter a yowl or voice his neediness with a howl My next cat will not cry at night and respond to my obedience with delight My next cat will not utter a kitty word even when stalking a chirping bird My next cat will be quiet asRead more

Talkin’ Food

He’s a talker, that one. I wish I knew what he was saying. He wants something. Perhaps love. Perhaps prey. Or perhaps nothing but to hear the sound of his own plea. Food, human, food! Don’t you understand? He yowls, that one. I wish I knew what it meant. Is he scolding someone? For the bane of winter enclosed? For lack of a thousand cat toys? Or maybe nothing but to admire the sound of his own majesty. Food, human,Read more

A Talkative Day in the Neighborhood

As I type this next post, I am equally tired and irritated. I have neighbors who like to talk. I live in an apartment complex and I have found from past and present experiences, some humans do not understand the term “voices carry”. It is especially unrecognizable to them during hours of darkness, when vampires roam the earth and most day-shift people sleep. The neighbors in the building across from mine are oblivious to the sounds emanating from their lipsRead more