1-Liner Weds: “Be Who You Are!”

Who am I? I never said I was normal. I never said I wasn’t weird. I never hid the strange in me. I am who I am, just as you feared. Or love. One-Liner Wednesday is a weekly series brought to you by the lovely Linda G. Hill. Click HERE for other blogger submissions to the challenge. AdvertisementsRead more

The Definition of “Messed Up”

From the Urban Dictionary: Messed Up To be wasted or drunk. To be beaten up badly. Something that is strange or weird. I’m going with definition #3, although I think the shoe is kind of cute. The Green Bay Packers are currently relying on their third string QB to win today’s game. He’s not doing well and it is very strange to not see Aaron Rodgers on the field. It’s been a weird season so far, with lots of playerRead more