An Empty Cup

“There is a hell lot of a difference between a quiet mind and an empty mind.” ~Soshail Akash~ I have a somewhat quiet mind right now. It’s Sunday, as I type. November 3rd. The football game is on mute because our guys aren’t having a good start and I’m trying a little professional sports voodoo. I’ll let you know in a minute if it worked. Having a quiet mind is not easy to do. The thoughts. And the more thoughts.Read more

Future Football

Weekly Photo Challenge: This week, share an image that represents the potential of things to come. The NFL draft for 2016 is April 28-30 at Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre. Coaches, general managers and others within each football team are in preparation. They have attended the scouting combine, spent hours and hours pouring over college football film, and had numerous meetings and discussions about their intended top picks. Those picks attempt to fill “holes” in the offense, defense or special teams with theRead more

Why Didn’t They Win?

I went for a walk in the snow, to clear the mind and throw out the recycling. I said goodbye to football and hello to another winter’s week. Why didn’t they win the game? I went for a walk in the snow, the sound of distant cars muffled by a hat of green and gold, the wet flakes moistening flesh and fabric. What am I doing out here? I went for a walk in the snow, the pavement a swirlRead more

Football Sunday

Hey kids! It’s football Sunday! The Big Game! My beloved Green Bay Packers and Da Bears. It’s a historic rivalry that goes back in time, way back. The winner goes to the playoffs. The loser goes home. The game will be outside, in Chicago, with wind chill temps around 10 degrees. While the Packers have not had the best season, with many injuries and times of sloppy play, the fans received a huge gift this week. Dude! You’re back! AfterRead more

Green Smoothie, Gold Sweater, Football Fan

It’s Green Bay Packer Sunday.  I always get in the spirit on Packer Sunday and today is no exception – my food is green and gold, my apparel is green and gold, my thoughts are green and gold. I will be headed to my friend Natasha’s home in a few minutes to root for my team. I have been a fan since I can remember, listening to the Packers on the radio during the Vince Lombardi era. (Yes, long time.)Read more