Beautifully Guilty

Wisconsin was not a snow monster this past winter. Without doing any research, I would say the southern part of the state received the most accumulation of white. The biggest snowfall of the season for the Green Bay area was 3.8”, which is nothing compared to a normal winter. It’s not uncommon to have at least one or two snowstorms in the 6-8” range and a good old blizzard to boot. This past season was not a good one forRead more

Soft Pads in the Snow

He beckons to go out Placing soft pads and retracted claws on window Repeatedly Consistently Okay, out you go, gray moggie Out into the lengths of snow That covers three-fourths of the patio He exits and stops short of the white edge Sitting on the brown Looking Staring Questioning his next move And then the soft pad tests the white A nano second passes And the soft pad quickly retracts Disturbed Confused A decision is soon made The soft padRead more