SOCs: Short

This is a short poem Nope, it’s not about foam or a dome It’s about a poem I don’t know what else rhymes with poem Oh yeah…home I’m home now, writing a poem “It’s stupid,” I moan This is supposed to be about short, so I shall shut up and abort. The end. This undersizedĀ post is being brought to you by Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday or SOCs. Click HERE to see other SOCs posts of the dayRead more

The Short Ones Object (v.)

Oh why did you leave us here, tall one? Out on the patio by ourselves. Alone. It’s cold out here. Extremely cold. Polar vortex cold. We object. The icicles are shivering their way loose from the roof. Soon, one will try to stab through our cover. We can’t see under here. The light is dim. Oh why did you leave us here, tall one? It was once warm out here, months ago. Seems like forever. Sadly, the leaves on theRead more