Not Trying…

^ This ^ French fries, potato chips, mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, hash browns and every other form of the spud puts the rest of the vegetable world to shame. Give me an order of thin, salty, crispy crunchy french fries and a foamy glass of beer, please, and I’ll be a happy camper. While not a vodka drinker, I understand there is such a thing as potato beer. How bad could that be? Fond memories from childhood are of momRead more

Dignity and Shame

Hello Royal Subjects! It’s your lovely Queen! Yes, I am lovely. The human constantly calls me “pretty girl,” but I snub my nose at that moniker. I am not and will never be a peasant in a short dress and leather boots. I have my dignity, you know. Ummmm…well, never mind. You know, there are  times when a Queen has to let go and show belly. To show she’s humble and one with her people. And trap the human intoRead more

Shame on You!

Shame Your Pet desk calendar, 2015. It’s absolutely hilarious and I’ve been having fun adding my own brand of dry and stupid humor to the shameful antics of dogs and cats. About 11 years ago, Natasha and I worked in the same office. I would buy a cat desk calendar every year and when the inspiration struck, I would write something silly about the unknowing cat of the day. When Natasha left to work elsewhere, I continued to send her aRead more