Winter Selfie

It is the dress of winter… …the puffy down coat that leaves a tiny white feather stuck to the purple pilled sweater. The co-worker delicately picks it off and hands it to me. I smile, knowing that another one will escape eventually while the majority hold court inside a few yards of black, wind-breaking fabric. …the fur-lined hood that surrounds and protects exposed ears and skin from a biting wind. Mom always asks, “Where’s your hat?” and I always answerRead more

Red Wine Selfie

Natasha came over last night to help decorate the tree. But first… The bottle of Menage A Trois was opened. Glasses poured. Dinner eaten. A couple more glasses poured. And then… We started going through all of the ornaments. Natasha suggested a “Red and Cat” theme for the tree. “Awesome!” I proclaimed. (I have procured many cat ornaments over the years, enough to fill most of the tree.) Red was not difficult either as I have quite a few redRead more