The Ending

“I’m not going to abandon the things that make me who I am because of a future that contains an ending I hadn’t foreseen for myself.” ~Captain Christopher Pike on Star Trek: Discovery~ In this episode, Captain Pike sees his future and it’s not a happy-joy-joy experience for him. Star Trek fans know the outcome, but I’ll leave that part out in case you are not currently a Trekkie, but are thinking about joining the awesomeness of a crazy cultRead more

A Gray Muse or Two

Gray Muse or Two, we know you so well. Of royal blood you are, not cats from hell. *The peanut gallery snickers*   This is your day to shine. to bask in the glow and gently purr. A challenge that pushes you front, to be Master Gibbs and Queen Demure. *The human owner unwillingly bows* Revel in the enormous moment Of 15-minute feline celebrity. The likes, the comments, the idolization, the followers on bended, adoring knee. *The peanut gallery findsRead more

Silly Stupid Saturday

Saturday has become a bit of a Dr. Who episode.  I have traveled back in time to December. I woke up to a fresh coat of overnight snow this morning. I am baking my lemon curd cookies, something that is reserved for the holidays. I had the urge to plug in the lights on my unadorned Christmas tree, which stands in a corner of my second bedroom. Just because. Silent Night came up on my media player, by chance. If IRead more