Rump Roast

“Boredom: The desire for desires.” ~Leo Tolstoy~ Queen Ziva:  I’m bored. Jester Gibbs:  What do you want me to do about it? Queen Z: It’s your fault that I’m bored. J Gibbs: *huff* Queen Z: What’s that suppose to mean? J Gibbs: You’re as bad as the humans…blaming me for everything. Queen Z: That’s because you are to blame for everything. J Gibbs: *huff* Queen Z: Face it, you deserve the blame. You can’t control yourself. If there’s a doorRead more

Rump Roast?

I may need to put Queen Ziva on a diet. She is starting to look like a rump roast. Okay, okay, so I captured her in a bad position, at a bad angle. Like the reflection of a circus mirror. Sorry Ziva. Stop looking at me like that. Ahhh, that’s a little better. Although, you still appear pleasingly plump. Like a plump chicken breast. Or rump roast. What? What did I say? Ziva? *silent treatment*Read more