SoCS: Too Much Sh*t

I am not as sharp as I used to be. I never professed to have a steel-trap memory or the ability to retain every piece of knowledge that ever entered through two blue eyes or waxy ear canals. Although, I seem to remember a higher brain-functioning me prior to the age of 50. Could have been a dream. Could be I have a flexible memory. Nevertheless… For the last several years, I have blamed my lack of sharpness on theRead more

Breathing in Memories

I’ve desired to do this since early spring. It took me until October to comply, to get in the car and go. Something was pulling me toward home – the home of my birth and early existence. It is the home that I eventually wanted to escape out of small-town boredom. It is the home that I rarely visit, but is within a 35-minute drive. It is the home of special places, friends and family. I had to go andRead more

It Does Remind Me

A few weeks ago, I had a few moments to take in the surroundings from my desk at work. On most days, upon arriving at work, I turn on the computer, grab a cup of coffee, and get busy with emails and the paperwork at hand. I don’t always focus on what’s around me – the personal items that make this space a home away from home – because those items are always there. The lack of attention they receiveRead more