SoCS: Hey You!

Psst!! Hey!! Yes, I’m still here. Psst!! Ahem!! And I need a beer. Or more sleep. Psst!! Beep!! It’s been a long week. Psst!! Snap!! Yeah, the beer I seek. Or retirement. Psst!! Toot!! It’s over now, I can relax. Psst!! Hey you!! Enjoy the weekend to the max. And do nothing. Psst!! Gurgle!! You should do same. Psst!! Snort!! This poetry is lame. Time for a beer. Stream of Consciousness Saturday is the “poetry” from author Linda G. Hill.Read more

Unplug, Relax

I am headed to Chicago tomorrow for four days of adventure. I am going to celebrate the day I was thrown into this world. I am going to run away from adult responsibility. I am going to shop, eat and explore. There will be absolutely no work involved (unless use of the El Train is considered work). There will be no Facebooking, WordPressing, tweeting or emailing. I will only entertain calls from my mother. I am going to unplug andRead more