Rain on Fleshy Cheeks

Stop Inhale life Exhale sadness Draw in the earthiness of rain It cleanses pavement Soaks into human joy Stop Inhale life Exhale fear Feel the moist tears from heaven On our fleshy cheeks Tears of peace Flooding hearts with calm Stop Inhale life Exhale doubt Allow the rain to wash it Away to the gutter, the sewer Positive thoughts form a puddle In which to stomp and play Stop Inhale life Exhale the unimportant Let go of frivolous everything FindRead more

Firm Ground

“I prefer to be alive, so I’m cautious about taking risks.” ~Werner Herzog~ Sunday, when going for a late afternoon walk along Little Lake Butte des Morts, I came across several people ice fishing on what was left of winter’s frozen water. Have I told you that I’m not a fan of being out on the ice, either on foot or in a car? I think I became a bit phobic in my 20’s when in the back seat ofRead more

Fearful Buds

What is spring? Is it the bright kelly of the green grass? The soggy, muddy puddles from a week…nay, I say a month…of rain? Is spring in the Mallard duck duo that waddle the nearby field or the laborious, beginning push of daffodils and tulips? In the fearful black buds against a damp gray sky, it is here. Spring. Hiding in the thorny bushes, hiding from the golden sun, holding off its presence a bit more, a sneer upon its face,Read more