Sunday Rejuvenation

Sunday is as Sunday does A beautiful gift from God above Placid waters and winter’s wheaty grass Wondering if the attempt of warmth will last Sunday is at it rests upon wooden bench While rejuvenation seeks to be quenched Take in the view, smell coming of spring Listen to geese upon their honking wing Sunday is as one day in time It’s cool, calm energy feels sublime A walk along it’s graceful edge Removes the cobwebs from life’s head SundayRead more

Look! Up there!

Do you ever wonder what cats see when they look up? What makes them stare? Is it a bird? A plane? Or the promise of a lovely day? Do you ever look up and wonder what is the big deal? What draws a cat’s interest? In this instance, his gaze is to the east. The sky tells a story. Look! Up there! The promise of dark clouds and rain. And the remaining patch of a lovely day. Check out The DailyRead more