One-Liner Wednesday: Beer

“I need a beer more than I need pomp and circumstance.” I’m not much of a drinker. But I like to talk a good story. Last week was crazy busy…and my boss wasn’t even around. By Friday, I felt good about what I had accomplished; however, the stress of it all had my shoulders pinned to both ears. Facebook friends noted that I required a foam roller and a beer. The foam roller and I had a date Friday evening,Read more

BikerChick Stories: Royalty

The Story Begins… This is a story of three friends..known through their positions in a small region of the kingdom, drawn together by hugs, forever connected by royal titles, without the sense of entitlement. Well, perhaps Sandra feels entitled. Read on, people, and enjoy the majestic ride. The Fair Maiden is Made Royal… Long ago, twenty years past, there was a young, slender lass – a dark-haired fair maiden (before the grays set upon her) who succumbed to the callRead more