Dignity and Shame

Hello Royal Subjects! It’s your lovely Queen! Yes, I am lovely. The human constantly calls me “pretty girl,” but I snub my nose at that moniker. I am not and will never be a peasant in a short dress and leather boots. I have my dignity, you know. Ummmm…well, never mind. You know, there are  times when a Queen has to let go and show belly. To show she’s humble and one with her people. And trap the human intoRead more

On Guard

  She has moved her attention elsewhere, to the breeze machine in the hall. She sits on guard.   What pretty girl? You say it is not your intent to guard the breeze machine? What then?   Oh, you wait for entry into that other room, the one with the softer mattress? The room with a different smell and cool stuff?   Alas, Dear Extra Pillow, access is denied for now, you will have to wait for Natasha’s return.  Read more