First World Problems

D Here I am with first world problems and woe I ran out of waffles the air conditioner died the cat puked on the bed it’s raining Netflix is not working How sad for me There they are with third world problems and woe They have little food, poverty the roof of a tiny shack leaks the noise of gunfire and bombs fill the air disease cuts through life eyes glaze, bereft of hope Here I am with first worldRead more

Separating Faith and Government

In early November, 2012, prior to the Presidential election,  I left a church I had been attending. Inside the weekly bulletin was a sheet of paper, with both political candidates named, comparing where they stood on certain issues. It was an obvious attempt by the leaders of that church to sway my vote to what they considered the moral “Christian” vote. Excuse me? My political stance is no business of any church. I walked out that Sunday, fuming, never toRead more

Despair, Joy

There is despair in Moore, Oklahoma, along with the rest of the country who have been surrounded by the horrific tornado damage via the internet and TV. Pictures and video don’t really tell us the full impact, the total disaster that has overcome the city of Moore and the people who live there. My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by the E4 tornado, especially those who have lost their loved ones. I realize that many people haveRead more

God at the Pool

I went for a swim this afternoon and I prayed to God. I prayed for my peep, Becky Jo. Damn you, cancer, damn you. I prayed as my face submerged in the water. God, wrap Becky Jo in your healing arms. Give her comfort and peace. Give her courage and determination. Help her fight the fight. I’ll swim as long as you listen. Are you listening God? A former pastor encouraged to “pray boldly”. So I yelled at Him veryRead more