Looking Up

Natasha came into my bedroom on Saturday morning, while I was getting ready to meet a friend for breakfast. We started talking about the heat outside and the A/C inside and then Natasha looked up and saw something crawling across the ceiling. She thought it a spider, but it wasn’t, and never mind about that. Ziva was laying on the bed, per standard, and Natasha said to her… “Why aren’t you looking up?” The admonishment continued… “You should be lookingRead more

Lazily Pointing the Finger

I have been blog-post-lazy and uninspired the last five days. The most I have managed to do is reblog a recipe for Chicken Paella (it’s delicious!) and a picture of happiness that made me smile, and post a wordless Wednesday photo that made readers either groan or utter the words “Well, that’s stupid!.” (My response to the stupid comment would be, “It’s not stupid, it’s nothing…and wordless.”) Who or what is to blame for the lack of a somewhat intelligentRead more