Praise the New Day

“Morning has broken like the first morning Blackbird has spoken like the first bird Praise for the singing Praise for the morning Praise for them springing fresh from the world” ~Cat Stevens~ Although I appreciate summer’s morning sun at 6:00 am, it does not compare to the spectacular sunrises that guide me to work during certain times of the year. The photo above was taken in October, when everywhere I looked, the sky was multiple shades of pink and red.Read more

The Dance of a New Day

Dance: There’s rhythm and motion all around us — this week, let’s capture some of it in a photo. With the recent switch to Daylight Savings Time, I have been missing the sunrise. The lightness that had been part of the morning moved over to the evening hours and, sadly, a good part of the week has been smothered in clouds. At certain times of the year, I have witnessed glorious sunrises from the road in front of the apartmentRead more

Lazy Roy G. Biv

For this week’s photo challenge, Roy G. Biv, the following represent the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. All photos have been used in previous posts because, frankly, I’m being a little lazy. For a post and poem related to this last photo, CLICK HERE.Read more

Pretty Strange in Pink

I attended a Halloween Party on Friday. It’s an annual event in the area. All proceeds go to Children’s Hospital. It brings out the strangest people. The event also brings out the good people. And good witches. There were those who left Spot at home… …and those who took part in a bubble bath. And then there was the Fed-Ex Material Girl. I offered to wrap packages and ship overnight. No one took me up on my offer. The pinkRead more

Mary Get Ready

Mary get ready There’s a Halloween party a-coming You don’t need a fancy costume You just use trash bags All you need is bubble wrap To make the outfit pretty Don’t need to go to Michael’s You just thank Wal-Mart Mary get ready There’s a Halloween party a-coming You don’t need a fancy costume You just use packing nuts Pink is the key For the accent color There’s shoe laces for you among the aisles of Wal-Mart Mary get readyRead more