Musings from the Pod VI: 10 Minutes

“Alas, poor mackerel in a can. I knew it, Ziva, a fish of infinite taste, of most excellent cuisine. It hath borne me on my lips several times, and now, how cherished in my imagination it is! I want to gorge upon it!” “Gibbs, what are you doing?” “I’m filling in for mom, writing for her blog. What do you think?” “No.” “No? I thought I was giving everyone a bit of cat culture.” “By bastardizing Shakespeare?” “How did youRead more

Extra Pillow?

The pillows were supposed to keep her off the couch. Instead, she has joined them. The others, the soft ones, will be lonely no more. She comforts the teals and the browns, as human stands ready with the lint roller. An extra pillow? Indeed!Read more