Red Sign Question

Between the effects of going back to work (which equals nine hours away from home each day), putting in a few volunteer hours, and a couple of evenings filled with things to do, there has been no time to write a post. Tonight is no exception as I head to an appointment with the “this-is-not-your-little-sister’s-feel-good” massage therapist. So, with the use of a forgotten photo from a few weeks ago, I simply pose a question… What does this sign sayRead more

Photo Relic

For this week’s photo challenge, I scoured past photos of places I have visited and wasn’t inspired to share anything. Nothing screamed relic. But, this did… It’s an album of many years past. And photos older than the album itself. The relic of a childhood. I was kind of cute back then.Read more

Once in Awhile…

…I sit still, I take a stance, a crouch, a lay on the bed. I give human the photo op, not moving for the time it takes the camera to signal its readiness. Averting my luminous avocado eyes, for a moment, as I dare not let her get too attached to them. I bitch with a cackle, “Hurry up human, my patience is none!” “Take the picture now, so we can be done…with this nonsense.” And it is done. You areRead more

Four-Legged Perspective

For those who are looking for an extra bit of challenge, show us two photos, each one showing a different angle or interpretation of the same subject Know what this is? It’s shades of gray, veering toward the dark tones of  an unadorned holiday tree, not far from the edge of the sofa. It was the view of a cat named Gibbs for two months…a view that is not colorfully human. Cat eyes do not see the same as human eyes.Read more