SoCS: Lots of Means, No Ways

I haven’t blogged since October 31st. That means I might have been a little busy. With other things. Like a Risk Management Conference in Madison on the first two days in November. This means that I was able to fill my bag with goodies from the vendor booths, like pads of paper and post-it notes, pens, chip clips, squeezie penguins, more pens, tote bags, highlighters, little plastic calendars, and leftover Halloween treats. Scratch that last one. Being on a part-Keto,Read more

An Update of Sorts

In breaking news…Gibbs hung the mouse early Tuesday¬†morning. Again. Third strike, buddy. That’s 10 to life under the watchful eye of your human and no treats until I say so. (The tossing of paper off the computer table was ignored¬†due to lack of injury or insult.)Read more

Layers from an Office

Layers of a friendship Layers of employment The layers of aloe grow upright, lean toward the sun, curve toward its own The layers of paper and files are horizontal, stacking knowledge unknown The aloe reminds of the gift – layers of years, a friend and me The paper and files signify deadlines and projects, layers of responsibility Layers of two humans reflected in a plant beautifully Layers of a job reflected in paper from a tree The many layers ofRead more