Pleasant Moment

“Today I will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasant, in which case I will eat a cookie.” ~Cookie Monster~   Then again, when life is pleasant, I will eat a cookie. Or perhaps soft-serve ice cream and Oreos (concert sustenance and beautiful-summer-night reward). Life is pleasant and good, people. Don’t wait for unpleasantness to indulge in what you love.Read more

Beautiful America

Friday is the Fourth of July – Independence Day for U.S. citizens. It’s a day of celebration. Over a three-day weekend, I hope to be indulging in two nights of fireworks, combined with a movie or two, adult refreshment and Oreos. (Those blessed Oreos!) I may even salute my beautiful country. Happy Birthday America, I adore you from sea to shining sea!   America, The Beautiful Lyrics by Katharine Lee Bates – 1913 O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves ofRead more

Chocolate Martini Therapy

Wednesday was less than stellar for a good part of the day. I felt like this. Grumpy, pouty, irritable girl..the vision of a protruding lower lip alive in my head and a dour look jogging around a sullen heart. I woke up with Grumpy Glenda creeping into the senses and I attributed it to hormones and the cold weather. I wanted to stay in a warm bed, but the many piles of paper on a desk at the office beckoned.Read more

The 2013 Chronicles of Melangia

This will not be a 10,000 word event, chronicling every time I went through a closet door and fought a battle, although that might be a tad bit more interesting than reality. You’re already disappointed, I’m sure, but I hope to give you the Reader’s Digest version of the year that was 2013 in the life of a crazy cat lady who wishes she still had the resemblance of the flat and sexy stomach in the picture of my Viking PrincessRead more

It’s Cookie Baking Time!

Today begins Cookie Baking Extravaganza week! WooHoo! I have started baking Christmas cookies for my friends and family (and a few for myself). Today’s blog post is merely a break in the action (my back needs a rest). It’s an annual event that I start in early December so that I have time to get the cookie varieties packaged in tins and a couple of boxes sent to my brother and his girlfriend. Today, I passed on church in favorRead more

Fishing Fuel

Natasha and I have a new rule. Never ever fish without Oreos. The reasons are many. I’ll give you the short list. Oreos are good. No, Oreos are great. Oreos are the best alternative to breakfast, lunch or dinner in the boat or at the boat landing. Oreos are chocolate. (Good substitution for melty KitKat bars) Oreos have a creme filling. This is not relative to fishing, but still important. Oreos help us catch fish. No, they really do helpRead more

Choices & Oreos

The Window… Do you mull over its smallness and your inability to see more than a small piece of the sky and a tree branch? Or do you view it as a window that opens to the rest of your world – to flowers, the ocean, the concert hall or the bag of Oreos on your grocery store shelf? The Opening… Are you focused only on walking through to get to the other side so you can find the restroom?Read more