#SoCS: Undone

Who am I that I breathe and live upright? Under constellation of blazing stars Staring at the morning’s first rays of light Living in a world filled with mixed bizarre Who am I to be counted in the fold One of his sheep that grazes over time A child from a rib, neither young nor old Waiting for forgiveness of one’s own grime Who am I standing here in pondered pause Faith borne of hope in a fragile abode WhileRead more

SoCS: Eight Favorites

Asked to pick a favorite word There are so many The words I do lean toward Do not rhyme with plenty People is number one At the top of the list For if there were none How would we know to exist? God is number two Creator of number one Life giver of the new And light of the Son Love comes in at three Surrounds the human heart Comes on bended knee From hate shall always part Chocolate isRead more

One Treasure Amid Many

This week, we want to see photos that focus on one thing.  I have a curio cabinet, given to me by my parents, with a plethora of many items that hold special memories. Mom’s collection of Royal Albert bone china A collection of unicorns China plates and stemware that belonged to my dad’s mother Black and white photos of my dad as a child, mom in her younger days, grandparents Gifts that were given by good friends. The one specialRead more