The “Gibbers” on Top

DP Weekly Photo Challenge: This week, share a photo of a detail that makes a good thing even better. I have a cat who loves to be on top of things, and I’m not talking about the status of the U.S. economy and foreign trade. Gibbs (a/k/a Gibbers or Gibbster) was rescued from a shelter that has no cages. He was in a room with three other cats, allowed to explore the vertical furniture and climb to new, exciting heights. WhenRead more

Hey Baby…

  Human:  Gibbs! Get off of Ziva! Gibbs:  Hey baby, what happens in the kitty bed, stays in the kitty bed. Human: *rolls eyes, walks away in disgust* For other versions of “On Top” click here. PS: It’s been a fast and furious week. I hope to be back with somewhat intelligent, humorous content soon. In the meantime, Happy Easter to those who celebrate and Happy Weekend to the rest.Read more