An Observation of Fantasy TV

Natasha and I have had an ongoing observation. A question, really. “How come we could never drink at work?” It comes from viewing the fantasy of television and movies, where there’s never an inappropriate time or place to have a drink. On NCIS, Director Vance has a stock of adult refreshment in plain view and will occasionally offer a dram of golden liquid to one of his employees. On A Discovery of Witches, the vampire drinks red wine in hisRead more

Moderation be Damned!

From the exciting insipid beginning of this blog, I have chosen to moderate comments. No more. I am over my fear of internet trolls, evil stalkers and annoying spammers. I have encountered nothing but friendly, respectful, humorous and witty comments, with only the occasional blatant attempt to lure me to another’s “I’m making money by blogging!” blog. You are free to comment at will and view your clever text immediately. As much and as often as you’d like. You can even talkRead more