Raindrops on Roses…

Today is not an especially good day, considering the head cold and subsequent stomach bug that began their visit on Tuesday. I’m feeling better, but not 100%. I’d rather be at work, getting the job done, enjoying a lunchtime walk on a sunny 78 degree day. Instead, while lounging in my pajamas, I have the ability to share what is a special day through a kaleidoscope of photos. I cannot choose one day in particular for this challenge, so I present a gallery ofRead more

Signs: The Week in Review

In response to this week’s photo challenge, I give you a week in review with signs…both tangible and intangible.  September 26th. From the FedEx man. The sign of a man with a sense of humor and good heart. And staples. September 29th. A mango/basil margarita. The sign of a gathering with peers, friends, and a few laughs. October 1st. A view from the fourth floor. A sign that being away from home for three days doesn’t have to be aRead more

Chookas Dahling!

If you are expecting a story about shoes, you’ve come to the wrong place. This post is about chookas, not chukkas. Chookas is a theatrical slang, used mainly in Australia, to wish a performer good luck – synonymous to “break a leg.” Actors, this is your 5 minute call. Chookas, everyone!  Fellow blogger and seasoned thespian Master of Something I’ve Yet to Discover  gave me her chooka blessing three days ago. It worked. Thank you! “Eclipsed,” the dinner theater murder mystery, is over andRead more