Finding the Bathroom

I am this. The sullen smog from Jimi’s rock and roll guitar. The faithful mist of a a royal prince. The reddened azure of water’s vapor. I am not a sissy pastel, nor the good-for-nothing child of black and white. My soul is the first breath of spring’s vibrant columbine. My heart is filled with the liquid of amethyst jewels. I embrace the grandiose swirls in the sky of a rising day. Never will I be boring khaki pants, norRead more

Lady & the Cat

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition Lady of Spain, ring your bell Jim Shore cat, curl your tail Odd plate mates you are One comes from a foreign land, the other from an Amazon box They are of different colors, their purpose never the same Mardi Gras beads winding around, trying to unite the two Lady of Spain wants to ring Black cat wants to hang Want more juxtaposition? Click here.Read more

Red Wine Selfie

Natasha came over last night to help decorate the tree. But first… The bottle of Menage A Trois was opened. Glasses poured. Dinner eaten. A couple more glasses poured. And then… We started going through all of the ornaments. Natasha suggested a “Red and Cat” theme for the tree. “Awesome!” I proclaimed. (I have procured many cat ornaments over the years, enough to fill most of the tree.) Red was not difficult either as I have quite a few redRead more