His Momma Left Him

“To me, country music tells a story about, and deals with, the way people live their lives and what they do.” ~Randy Travis~ I’m not a huge fan of country music. I cherry-pick at it, depending on the lyrics and music. Sometimes I do country music simply because Keith Urban is on the TV with a guitar. That being said, blogging friend Dan over at No Facilities loves country music and decided it applies to cats as well as people.Read more

Joy on the Mountain

This is it. The fifth and final week of the Christmas Carol one-liners. I’m ending the series with two songs and not many words. There are links to the lyrics (click on the title of the song) and a short blurb of its origin from Wikipedia. Feel free to read as much or as little as you desire…or simply enjoy the Christmas music because you know that it will soon be gone from radio and TV, and either the coldRead more

Don’t Stop Your Shopping!

For this week’s (Weekly Writing) Challenge, let’s celebrate and use the online tools we have. The one requirement is to include at least three elements: 1) Text, 2) A minimum of one image, 3) A third media component. This is a holiday dedication to my all-time favorite rock band and shopping. If you’d like musical accompaniment to sing along to this post, click on the link. (Thanks to my friend Natasha for her assistance with this post.) Just a small town girl Shopping at Wally WorldRead more