Leftover Pie

I don’t know why I get the evil eye. Ziva purrs, “Let sleeping cats lie.” Mr. Blister gives a huff and a sigh, “Yes, human, let sleeping cats lie.” Okay, fine, you two. That is what I will do. You both can forever lie, while I eat leftover pie.Read more

Leftovers from a Camera

I’m going through the vast expanse of photos on my computer…looking for leftovers and deleting those that ask the eternal question, “What the h*ll was I thinking?” Photo clean-up has been overdue for weeks, months, years. For this week’s writing challenge, I’ve decided to turn it into the leftover photo challenge. Coming up are twelve almost-lovely pictures that haven’t seen the light of day since they were taken (other than to annoy Facebook friends). I hope you find some value from the ensuing mess.Read more