Three of Everything

“So when you’re coldFrom the inside outAnd don’t know what to do,Remember love and friendship,And warmth will come to you.”― Stephen Cosgrove It’s cold outside. It’s been cold outside since last Friday, after our first major snowstorm of the winter. The 10-day forecast predicts a continuation of the cold: Highs in the single digits (F) with wind chills below zero. The sun and blue skies have been oh so pretty, but there’s no warmth to either one. Walking outside is currentlyRead more

Layers from an Office

Layers of a friendship Layers of employment The layers of aloe grow upright, lean toward the sun, curve toward its own The layers of paper and files are horizontal, stacking knowledge unknown The aloe reminds of the gift – layers of years, a friend and me The paper and files signify deadlines and projects, layers of responsibility Layers of two humans reflected in a plant beautifully Layers of a job reflected in paper from a tree The many layers ofRead more