The Dawn of a New Melange

The thoughts of yesterday forgotten I like the way this new skin feels Bring me splinters of tomorrow Collect the parts where I win ~from the song Dawn of a New Day~ It went without fanfare, without neon lights or trumpets sounding. March 17th was the third anniversary of Mary J Melange on WordPress. I actually hadn’t thought about it until today. It was an “oh yeah” moment, followed by a cough or two from this dang cold. I’m homeRead more

Flailing Tuna Ahead

I hit a milestone on Saturday. The flailing tuna in a lovely blue suit swam a mile. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t straight and sure. But, it was a mile. Back to the pool tommorrow. A mile and a lap? ┬áMaybe. Depends if my bladder holds out that long (TMI, but true). I hope Charlie is proud of me.Read more