I’m a Lettuce Leaf

“You are what you eat.” ~Victor Lindlahr~ This quote was preceded by “Ninety per cent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs,” in a 1923 advertisement for beef. However, Victor was probably not the first to say this familiar line, or a version of it, in the history of humanity. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are,” in 1826. In an essay titled Concerning Spiritualism and Materialism, 1863/4,Read more

One Liner Motion

“To me, if life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving.” ~Jerry Seinfeld~ I tell my chiropractor and massage therapist a version of this often. My goal is to physically keep moving. Except when I’m sleeping. Or on a Saturday morning when a cat and cup of coffee resist the urge. But still… I desire to keep moving. Moving toward new adventures. Engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Wrapping myself in emotional health. Pushing limitsRead more

#WATWB: Civility and Reward in the Workplace

I attended a meeting last week with members of the Employee Services Program Committee. I’ve been on this committee for many years and it’s one of the assignments I have been honored to be part of, a true joy. Our group actively shares ideas for employee wellness in the form of health challenges, training events, recognition/award events, a special “giving” challenge during the holiday season, and whatever we can come up with to make work life better within the organization.Read more

The Crowning

As I begin this post, I am drinking steamy, milky, sugar-sweetened coffee through a straw. In a travel cup. At home. I spent two hours at the dentist this morning and the numbness has not worn off. The mirror reflects a slight uneveness in the closing of lips, while the physical mouth feels it is blown up like a beach ball. An unfeeling beach ball. Two months ago, a piece of tooth detached itself and added a crunch to theRead more

The 2013 Chronicles of Melangia

This will not be a 10,000 word event, chronicling every time I went through a closet door and fought a battle, although that might be a tad bit more interesting than reality. You’re already disappointed, I’m sure, but I hope to give you the Reader’s Digest version of the year that was 2013 in the life of a crazy cat lady who wishes she still had the resemblance of the flat and sexy stomach in the picture of my Viking PrincessRead more

Unclogged and Strong Like Ox

Health and wellness. That old saying tells us that if you have your health, you have everything. However, health can mean much more than physical wellness. This week, we want to know what it means to you. I’ve had a difficult time with this challenge. Each time I start a post, I end it by clicking on “Move to Trash”. I could not formulate a story, which is silly for someone who has tried to regularly focus on health andRead more

Give Blood, Receive Rock Horns

I am giving Bill rock horns, two thumbs up and a fist pump. (Click on the link since I haven’t figure out yet how to imbed video.) MAN GIVES 100th DONATION 100 gallons of platelets…after giving 16 gallons of whole blood…a lifetime of giving. Unbelievably awesome. My co-worker and I were talking about platelet donation earlier this week. We both donate whole blood on a regular basis, but tend to give platelets very seldom. It’s a matter of finding theRead more

Sick. Ick.

I’m about to head out to the kitchen to make black cherry Jell-O. It will feel good on my throat. More on that in less than a minute. I had a most fabulous weekend. You can read about Saturday here. Monday was just as wonderful as three girlfriends and I went on an expedition to Door County, a well-known vacation spot in Wisconsin. The four of us visited wineries, sampled the grapes, ate lunch, bought cherry pie and Christmas ornaments,Read more

The Motivation Bus

“Sorry for this inconvenience, ladies and gentlemen, but at this time, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave the bus. Please be sure and take all your belongings with you and I promise arrangements will be made for your continued journey as quickly as possible.” ~Gus Malley~  But, but, but . . . I don’t want to get off the bus! I just got on! I finished The Gauntlet on Tuesday, a 30-day challenge that has been broughtRead more

Weather Redemption

I had gotten to the point where I thought winter would never leave…like the guests who won’t leave even after you’ve put your jammies on and gone to bed. Well, “Nevermore!” quoth the raven. Redemption! Sweet Weather Redemption! This past winter and early spring have been a test of faith, endurance, patience, and the quality of my snow boots.  My snow boots passed the test.  I almost did not. Today is not only Friday, but it’s also the first dayRead more

Mom at 93

My mom will be 94 in August. Pauline was born in August, 1919, one of 13 children born to German, Catholic immigrants. Mom has shared many stories of growing up in a large family, with a dad who worked outside the home and made wine in the basement, and a mother who stood on her feet the majority of her life – cleaning, cooking, tending a garden in the summer, looking after 14 other people of varying ages. Mom callsRead more

Motivation, Day 12

I am on day 12 of move-my-butt motivation, a/k/a The Gauntlet. If you don’t know about The Gauntlet, neener-neener. If you decided to join The Gauntlet too late, neener-neener. If you joined The Gauntlet and are going strong, you get a pass on the neener-neener and go straight to “you are totally and irrevocably awesome” awesomeness. The weather has not cooperated this week, so I wasn’t able to walk outside.  *grumble* (The picture is from last week, when that yellow, round, bright,Read more