Gummy Bear Truth

Do you ever question your sanity? Do gummy bears or other gelatinous objects talk to you? Does a horned animal give you daily affirmations? Who tells you that you’re not the crazy one? Or are you crazy? While pondering the answers to these questions, please enjoy a musical interlude provided by one of me-me-me favorite Muppet characters. Happy, Joyful, Sane Wednesday! This post has been brought to you by a crazy little puppet with orange hair. It has also beenRead more

Kit Kat Junkie

No, not me. I am the Oreo junkie, remember? It’s mom. She’s the Kit Kat junkie. And it’s my fault. In the past few years, mom’s taste buds have packed their suitcase and gone on vacation. The buds return at times, long enough to savor an adult refreshment or a ham sandwich. For the most part, though, they either betray or stay away. The vacant taste buds make it especially difficult to find a snack or treat that mom can enjoyRead more

Be Gone!

“Oh what tangled web I weave, when first I practice to deceive” * Said habit of gummy bears from thine own pledge, that sugar shall touch less of mouth’s ledge And, yet, thy sweet threat persists, as Girl Scout cookie order form rests on thy counter next to coffee urn Shall I sign up or turn and run? My appendages reach out for yellow, orange and red Committed pledge hast gone from thy head Evil desire of thin mints beRead more